Support your community with every swipe!

Bankless Card redirects payment card fees to your favorite community and rewards you with community tokens.

bankless card

Earn community tokens, increase token price

Every swipe earns you cashback in community tokens purchased from a DEX, increasing token value.


Easily onboard new members

With our easy-to-use mobile app, you can onboard new friends into your community with a simple download.

bankless card

Support your favourite communities

Every time you use a card, 1-2% of the purchase price goes to a bank. Bankless Card redirects some of that fee to your favorite community.


The community-owned card!

Bankless Card is by DAOs, for DAOs. Unlike centralized crypto cards, you have a say in how we build the future.

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Taxman: The Web3 Income Tax Helper

Fast, free and built for web3 Contributors, Taxman is a quick and easy tool to help you calculate your web3 income taxes.

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bankless card

Bankless Card Vault: The Password Manager for Communities

The Bankless Card Vault allows web3 communities, big or small, to safely share passwords.

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bankless card

Our Blog: Musings on our Ethos

We are more than a product, we are driven by purpose. Read our blog to learn more about our philosophy.

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